15 SEPTEMBER 1855, Page 9

The testimonial to Mr. Roebuck, commenced at Sheffield, is taking

a wider range. The subscribers to the fund do not belong to one political party. Two letters published this morning show Lord Palmerston and Sir John Pakington in the list of subscribers ; the former from feelings of personal regard, and respect for Mr. Roebuck's integrity and talents ; the latter because Mr. Roebuck did "great public service in moving for the Sebastopol Committee," and fulfilled the duties of its chairman in a "patriotic and singleminded " spirit.

General Sir George Thomas Napier, an officer of distinguished service in the last war, and Governor of the Cape of Good Hope in 1837, died suddenly at Geneva on the 8th instant, in his seventy-second year. He declined to accept the command of the Indian army after the battle of Chillianwallah, thinking his brother Sir Charles bad a better claim to it ; and in 1849 he declined an offer of a command in the Piedmontese army, not liking to war except for his own country. When the present war against Russia broke out, he proffered his services, but they were not accepted.