16 APRIL 1921, Page 14



Sni,—I see a Northern miners' leader has followed Messrs. Hodges and Smillie on the above, question. Mr. Peter Lee, miners' agent and Chairman of the Durham County Council, says the coal-miners, under the shareholders' present offer, " would only receive an increase of 62 to 69 per cent. over pre- war income." Why, Sir, there are hundreds of thousands of workers who have had no increase at all. There are also large numbers who have not had more than from 10 to 20 per cent. increase. Take, for instance, the registration agents of the Liberal, Conservative, and Labour Parties, numbering about 1,650, who, on average, are working for about 12 per cent. above pre-war pay. Miners are therefore offered .40 per cent. more than we are receiving, which, with free coal, free house, and freedom from rates, would give them over 65 per cent. advan- tage over us. What have these men (Hodges and Co.), who employ many of us, to say to this?—I am, Sir, &c.,

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