16 APRIL 1921, Page 23

Insect Life. By C. A. Ealand. (A. and C. Black.

30s. net.) —We may seem to be guilty of a contradiction in terms when we describe this as a readable text-book. Nevertheless, Mr. Ealand, while treating his subject systematically, has been successful in restricting the use of those obscure Greek and Latin terms which are the despair of the beginner in entomology as in other natural sciences. He is not afraid to introduce an anecdote now and then. Thus he exemplifies the practical value of his study by citing the case of the Australian ladybird, Novius Cardinalis. The Californian orange groves were threatened with destruction by the Cottony Cushion Scale. It was found by experts that this scale originated in Australia, and that it was there kept in check by a red ladybird. A number of these insects were sent to California and let loose among the orange groves, with the result that the ravages of the scale were abated. The book is illustrated with many excellent colour photographs of the butterflies, moths, beetles, wraps, and other insects described..