16 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 2

Enter the Anzacs

Following so soon after the arrival of Canadian forces in England, the disembarkation of the first contingents of the Second Australian Imperial Force and the New Zealand Expeditionary Force at Suez, marks the determination of the Dominions to co-operate swiftly in the war on land as well as in the air. Although both Canada and Australasia have already made great contributions to the service of the Air Force, neither was content not to take its part on land wherever needed. It was in Egypt that the Anzacs com- pleted their training in the last war, and in Gallipoli that they won their spurs before going on to France to make their name one of dread to the Germans. In landing at Suez on Monday the " Second " Force of Anzacs was on the soil of a friendly and Allied Egypt, and in proceeding to Jerusalem they were on territory held 25 years ago by the Turks, now among the most loyal of the friends of this country. In what field of war they are destined to be employed we do not yet know, but at present they are a powerful reinforcement of the great army which the French and the British with their Allies have been building up in the East ready for any emergency in that part of the world, and to give effect, if the need should occur, to the guarantees by which Great Britain is committed.