16 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 22

SIR,—As organist of the Cathedral, whose organ is now, for

the first time since 1886, being renovated, at a cost of £6,000, entirely owing to the generosity of the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral, I was rather disturbed to read Mrs. Mozley's letter in your last issue ; the Friends kindly undertook to raise the money some time before the war began, and the work is now in hand. It is indeed a pity that some should forget that they were Friends of Canterbury Cathedral before they found themselves opposed to its Dean, and if their support be with- drawn at a time when it is most needed the Cathedral will be the first, though not the last, to suffer. Surely a true friend feels bound to help, rather than desert, in time of need.

16A Burgate Street, Canterbury. GERALD H. KNIGHT.