16 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 3

at ion -Racketeers

Lord Snell is better equipped with good sound sense than ost men, and it is to be hoped some admonitions he voiced Sunday in the matter of rationing will be taken to heart rever needed. " All civilians," said Lord Snell, " should the game. There are always people who know where ey can get an extra pound of butter or an extra gallon of trot. In olden days they would have been tied to the I of a cart and whipped down Cheapside." Rationing is of those cases in' which many people otherwise wholly table suffer from quite astonishing moral myopia. eryone understands perfectly well that the Government introduced rationing for excellent reasons—primarily to trict expenditure and to save tonnage through restricting nsumption. That being so, it ought to be a point of honour keep within the ration—which in point of fict is perfectly equate—and not try to find means of supplementing it egularly. Such things make just the difference between cl citizenship and bad in time of war.