16 JULY 1948, Page 16


Sitt,—I have only just seen Mr. Shone's letter in your issue of July 2nd. I was wrong. The figure which I quoted as referring to 1927 was actu- ally .an average for the five years ending in 1927, But Mr. Shone's figure for 1927, though correct, is misleading, as it was inflated by the making-up of arrears after the strike of 1926. The average for 1926 and 1927 was 7 million tons. On this basis (instead of my 61 millions) we should get nearly 19 million tons for 1947 (instead of my 20 million tons). Even if the figure for round about 1927 were taken as 8 millions, we should get

16+ millions for 1947. Whichever figure is taken, my argument remains unaffected. The smaller total leaves it valid, against the target set in the Federation Plan of 1946.—Yours faithfully, G. D. H. COLE. Freeland, Holders Hill Road, Hendon, N.W.4.