16 MARCH 2002, Page 42

Karma will out

From Dr Mareechi Duvvuri Sir: Instead of an unbiased journalistic reporting of events, Julian Manyon (The 2,500 Years' War', 9 March) treats us to emotionladen liberal innuendo. He claims that Rama is a myth. Yet there are more than a billion people who accept the existence of him in our history. He claims that the mosque at Ayodhya was a magnificent structure. Far from it. It was in reality built upon the ruined foundations of an already existing temple that was torn down by Muslims in an earlier era.

I am not expressing anger at present-day Muslims. I do want to point out that the travails being experienced by them are karma for the past actions of their forefa

thers. Things will work out the way that they have been laid down by past actions, and the Muslim community has committed many atrocities in its past. Just as with other communities, they will feel the karma of their actions from past ages.

Dr Mareechi Duvvun'