16 MAY 1992, Page 14


A reader in Singapore found this notice in his letterbox.

DATE: April 13, 1992 TO: All Residents

FROM: The HillCreste Management RE: Recurring Pet Incidents in the

elevator and hallway areas

Due to the number and frequency of incidents occuring when a pet releives itself in the hallway and elevator areas, the tone of this notice is much more severe than the previous requests you have received regarding this repetitive problem.

The pet owner who has allowed this to happen in buildings numbers one, two, five, six, seven apparently has no consid- eration for the other residnets in these buildings nor a regard for the rules and regulations of this property; therefore, more serious action must be taken.

This will serve as formal notice to all pet owners that if your pet has a prob- lem controlling itself we would highly recommend that you carry your pet through the hallways areas and in the elevators.

We are kindly asking any residents who should witness a pet in the elevator or hallway areas completing such a inci- dent, please report the pet owner's name or apartment number to the office for information needed to process for eviction.

We would certainly hope that the cal- iber of residents at the HillCreste would give this property the common respect it deserves. If you should have any ques- tions, please feel free to contact Valerie or Karrie at 785-0955. They will be happy to discuss this matter with you further.

Thank you in advance for your full cooperation.

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