16 MAY 1992, Page 25


Sir: I was concerned to read of Taki's diffi- culties in running with a pistol(High Life, 9 May). The simplest solution is a 'Beat Bag', being a device intended to permit the use 'No, honestly. I'd like a Lucozade.' of personal hi-fi whilst running or walking. It consists of a small, flattish, padded pouch. This is held securely in place against, usually, the small of the back by a wide, adjustable belt. The pistol can thus be transported securely, comfortably and dis- creetly.

Taki may, however, have to contemplate changing weapons due to the size con- straints imposed by the 'Beat Bag'. My per- sonal recommendation would be the slim- line model Walther. With his contacts, he may even be able to obtain a Special Forces 'Asp', which is small, light and very reliable.

By wearing a 'Beat Bag', Taki will excite no unwanted attention. The same cannot be said for running with a gun in one's pocket.

Paul Felbeck

The Coach House, 31a Crescent Grove, London SW4