16 NOVEMBER 1867, Page 1

Parliament meets on Tuesday, and we trust that Lord Stanley

will have the nerve to resist steadily a form of pressure which will be applied to him energetically. The fossil Liberals, men of the Mr. Lusk type, are going to make him pledge the country to quit. Abyssinia, and it is so .easy to agree, that he may hamper himself- irretrievably. We do not want Abyssinia much, but suppose-. sockety there goes to pieces, and, the Pasha steps in to claim our leavings, are we to hand over an inchoate Christian civilization to. the Mussulman? We do not know what the course of events may be, and the true answer to men like Mr. Lusk is a pledge that no . final policy Shall be adopted without the consent of Parliament. We warn Lord Stanley that if he yields he will take the very heart out of the Indians, who hate surrendering anything, from Pekin to Bootan.