16 NOVEMBER 1867, Page 2

Mr. Thaddeus Stevens, the leader of the American Radicals, has

issued an address to his friends, in which he declares that all persons born or naturalized in the Union must be treated as citizens, without distinction of colour, and prophesies that within ten years the islands of the Caribbean Sea and the States of Central America will form an independent Federal Republic, with fifty millions of people, under the protection of the United States. He does not give his data for this dream, but it is clear that he does not contemplate Mr. Lincoln's first and abandoned project of transporting the negroes to the islands. It is stated by telegram through the Cable that he has published a second letter urging that the debt, the interest of which is paid in gold, be paid off in paper currency, which if thus loaded would become an assig,nat of very little value. It is remarkable that the Union, which is a land of merchants, has never yet produced a great financier.