16 NOVEMBER 1867, Page 23

A Catechism without Questions; or, Elementary Instruction in Natural and

Revealed Religion. By Edward Higginson. (Whitfield, Green, and Son.)—As a teacher of many years' experience, Mr. Higginson objects to books arranged in formal questions and more formal answers, and he offers parents and ministers a work on which they may found questions of their own, and from which the young may derivo their own answers. This is not the only respect in which Mr. Higginson'a system will seem new and, to many people, dubious. He takes Dr. Colenso's views on the chief points of Old Testament history, talks of Jacob serving a somewhat poor-spirited servitude of fourteen years to Laban, and says that a more distorted moral judgment can scarcely he imagined than that which would prefer the man Jacob to the man Esau. This is putting the contrast rather too strongly, and is arguing with older people under pretence of teaching their children.