16 NOVEMBER 1867, Page 23

The English Archoologist's Handbook. By Henry Godwin, F.S.A. (Parker.)—If we

could but quote the table of contents of this volume, we should testify more abundantly to its value than we can by praising its completeness. In a short compass it gives a catalogue of the antiquities to be found in England ; of Roman camps, roads, buildings, and governors ; of Anglo-Saxon and Danish relics ; of the examples of carious styles of architecture ; of castles, armour, brasses, monasteries, and registers ; and of miscellanea which are too miscellaneous to be even hinted at in the course of this notice. One of the most useful parts of the book is the chronological table of English Sovereigns, with the dates of their regnal years, which will guide the student of legal history through the mazes of the statute book, and put an end to the puzzle of-

" Quart., I think it is, Edvardi aext, or prim. et quint. Elia."

But there is hardly any student or any reader who will not be grateful for our recommendation of the book, and will not find it useful in some branch of study.