16 NOVEMBER 1867, Page 2

Five and twenty London butchers have published a round robin

affirming that the average price which they have given for best beef this November has been 9id. per lb. They make no remark about mutton, however, a subject upon which we can throw a little light. A number of printers and others connected with this office sent this week to Newgate Market, purchased a first-class sheep, in prime condition, had it brought to Exeter Street, cut it up, and sold it to each other at 7d. per lb. for legs and loins, 6d. per lb. for shoulders, 50. per lb. for necks, and 4id. per lb. for breasts, and found at the end that they had cleared all expenses, carriage included. By that process, which cost them no trouble, and involved no expense beyond carriage, they reduced the cost of mutton to their families just 3d. a pound all round. That is what the retail butchers of the more moderate class get, and it is really too much, when ready money is paid. Fifty per cent. on goods kept only a week is, no doubt, an enormous rate of profit. May we once more remind the great landlords that by establishing markets in West and West Central London they may raise workmen's wages ten per cent., without losing a shilling ?