16 NOVEMBER 1867, Page 3

The inquiry into Farnham Workhouse is going on, and as

yet the result is this. Every statement made by the Lancet and analyzed in our columns is shown to be literally true, and rather too mildly stated. For example, the Union doctor, Mr. Powell, while illustrating the want of attendance, related in the simplest manner a etory which might have assisted the imagination of Dante :—" A girl was in a dying state, and a pauper inmate had to wait upon her. A hot brick was placed in the bed to warm the girl's feet, and the heat of the brick was such that the bed and bedding were set On fire, and the girl died from the shock before the nurse got there. The other inmates did not notice the girl's dying, but they were attracted by the smell of the fire, and they found her dead. Her feet were found to be scorched." There was no inquest, and the Guardians, acquainted with the facts, "made a minute" that nurses ought not to leave the wards so long. It is strongly suggested by the evidence, subject, of course, to further -testimony, that the meat ordered and paid for never reached the infirmary. Breasts of mutton worth, perhaps, 5d. a pound, got there, but not it is said the mutton at 10d. which appeared in the books.