16 NOVEMBER 1867, Page 3

The Times' correspondent in Berlin states distinctly that on 8th

October a copy of a secret treaty between Italy and France was handed to the Pope. In it Napoleon, who was thinking of war with Prussia, bound himself in the event of war to let Victor Emanuel take Rome, and Victor Emanuel bound himself to aid France. The visit to Salzburg altered the Emperor's plans, and Rattazzi, tired of waiting, tried to force his hand. The treaty, it is added, 'was sent to the Pope by Count von Bismarck. It may all be true, but as the whole arrangement could have been settled by word of mouth, it is almost inconceivable that the two Courts should have reduced such a paper to writing. Rattazzi, at all events, ought to know that to conceal anything written from Count von Usedom, the Prussian Ambassador in Florence, and one of the ablest diplomatists alive, tasks even Italian finesse.