17 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 10

and is- already exhausted, and a second - is in preparation..

The the of work is highly calculated to - rouse, the- attention- of all' thinking Germane,- as- it strikes at- the root of the great. Power that is already fostering the seeds of civil- war- in Germany; which may spring up and-beer baneful' fruitelong before the war- with Russia is at an end.. It-is not the spread of-Papacy alone, the overgrown- assumptions of power and influence by an ambitious. priesthood. at the expense of the consti- tuted civil powers, threatening the internal peace of states, that is to be feared and exerted ; but-also the handle that Papacy in its weakness. offers to certain- strong powers for political purposes. Of this we have seen the first scene played with goodeeffect in, the Grand Duchy. of Baden, with the Wiseman interlude in Westminster, and the first -act of which only dosed yesterday with the publication of the concordat in Vienna.— Berlirearreapotatent of the Thnes, Nov. 14:-.

Some little uneasiness is.felt in the most instructed' circles here about the results and consequences, mediate and immediate, of his Majesty's impending visit to the Iimperial Court of France. It is feared that he will there hear talk of doctrines of authority which, however appli- cable to a nation exhausted., by, sixty years of revolution, cannot be popular here. Every one- knows,. it is true, than Victor Emmanuel is. both too-honest and. too sensible to think. of breaking. his sworn promise;- lint' he may-be- made- still more sceptical, as to- the value of ' the mixed form of government; and therefore he is not likely. to give that hearty concurrence to liberal measures which is necessary in such a mo- narchy. For my part, Lthink his policy is so. evidently marked out by circumstances, that he will not be led-to confer much on internal matters, but will have his attention directed beyond the Ticino. It is almost needless to say, that he agrees with the strongly-expressed opinion of the • French .Afoniteur, on the untimeliness of any allusion for the present to division of Italy.intatwo kingdoms, one to lie governed- by himself, and the other.by a member of the Bonapartist family,—Turin Correspond- ent of the. Zaily5Nesoe„Iler. 12.