17 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 10

The first meeting held - in Bristol to further the Reformatory

Schuh movement took place- on Thursday, in the Philosophical Institution. of that city;. Mr. William Miles. M.P. presidia& Among the speakere,1 were the Mayor of- Bristol, Mr. Langton, one of the Borough Members,‘ Mr. Hoskyns, High- Sheriff of Warwickshire, Sir-Arthur Hallam Eltorm: Sir, Eardloy, Wilmot,. the Dean- of Bristol, Mr.-- Baker. of: Haedwitokee. Miss Carpenter, the Misses Hill, and other ladies, were present: The special object of the meeting want° support the Reformatory school al- ready in operation at Kingswoodi near Brietol. There are there fOrty, inmates, and applicants are.turned • away, bemuse the, funds at' the dispoe sal of the school are- insufficient. The resolutions expressed confidence .its the school at Xingswood, as one deserving public support. A-consider- able sum. was subscribed on the spot,. and a committee appointed to.4101 lect further subeeriptions.

Lord Leigh; accompanied by Mn Perry, Inspector of Prisons, and Mrs. Perry, visited Mettray last week. The boys were assembled in the large room, atthe.close of-the inspection ; and:Lord Leigh. made-them a speech', closing with- " Long live Napoleon the-Third I long live, M. Demetefr To-this-the-boys-answered- by Vivola-Rein d'Abgleterre ! vive Lord(

Leigh ! and the the school played " Godea.ve the Queen."'