17 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 11



A further-rine thinweele in the Corm:market, and. in many articles of Colonial produce, has created an uneasy feeling : the-probability that high

pion-will forsome time-invite importations to. thirecounnyand be,paid fen chiefly in specie healed: to this conclusion; that shouldithe gold arrivals from Auatralin he much. longer delayed; a further increase will-be made in the. Bank rate of discount. Owing. to the full employment of money in the cora- • raercial -markets, ,it has .been in- brisk demand. The English Funds have been-flat; sales-having-preponderated; and from.4 to S' per cent has-been freelymaid-for loankupon Stook. Consols have been. I lower ; they have rangechfrom.881to 871; Today thay have: been bchighey but it hannot. been-maintained; ,they-leave ofWat.87/-8.and 881:, for Account. Exchequer have declined 3s. Bank Stock is f better.: There was an interview on Tuesday between the Governors of 'the Blink of England and the Chancellor of the Exchequer; an/1'h was• reported that the Bank' would.receiveencon- ragement.from the:Government' to increase, the- notesolliiwed on.seeurities beyond the- existing:amount of 14,000,0001:. It vraseubsequentlysurmised. that the meeting.hadreferencamoreto the&nancial requirements of theAlo-- vernment : it is, however, consideredlikely that:the expediency of supplying the deficiency in the country circulation-caused by the, failure or retirement of' banking firms has, been entertained. The defidency is- estimated at- 700,0001., and the ,fifth- clause-of the-Act-of 1844 allows- the, Government, on applicationfromthe-Bilnof England,: to grant additional notes limited...to two-thirds of the amount,. the -profits to. belong- to. then State. The addition.. which could be made would amountto about 470,0001. The French' Funds havebeen.firmer, owing to a better feeling.with, re. spectto-the position- of 'thelfailleof Prance: The returns of that establish,- mentior the past month have-been published,: the bullion exhibits. a, fur- ther decrease. of 830,000/.,. asreduction. of 1,400;0001, in the circulation, 280,0001. in advances on_ public securities, 1,000;000/. in advances on rail.- way shares,. 700,000/._ in private deposits, .1,200,000/. in .the Treasury ba- lances, and nearly 1;000,000/: in discounts. It is still thought that the receipts of specie in Feria for the past. fortnight •have nearly-equalized the withdrawals. The.gank of- Frankfertimeinereased its rate-of-discount to 4f- per cent.. The :specie: received: inEngland from New York amounts, to 126,0001„; itia-thought, will be-remitted to,Paria; also 70,0001 out of 167,000/-bcougbt by the. West India steamer. In the Foreign Market, there has been, little doing. Turkish Securities htive-fdrmeethe chief attraction : the SiirperCents. have been as high as 811,' but they are -now nearly 2 per cent lower ; the •P per Cents have de-- elineth,11. Russian has fallen- 1. Dabilia. Smits are. 1 better: Ar: cone. spidence has taken place betweenthe Secretary to the Committee of the Stock Exchange, the Chief_Cashier of the-Bank of 'F..iigland,„. and.the Board of Inland Revenue, respecting theexemption of foreign holders of the Turk- ish Four per Cent Guaranteed. Loan from' deduction for-Income-tax ; and the Iseult is,- that thediVidende will be-exempt' from the,tax when proved by eform.oft declarationtehelongto foreigners, residing.abroad. This will also apply to.dividends on other-Foreign-Stocks. In Railways, there has been a gradual depression, throughlthe weakness in. Consols ; and it has c,ontinued.up. to this evening. Yesterday, the Account WEB arranged: The chief -fait has: been- in Great Western, which has de- clined 31.; being-now 481 1. Midland is. 21. lower; Lancashire and York- shirenn d London: and: North Wistern,.11. 10e.- London and South- Western, 11.. Frenoh Shares Trait littlealteration.


The English Frinds are without alteration-this morning, Consols for Money being-871 8, and, forAccount-89.10 Exchequer-Bills -10.5diseount. The-bul- lion return by the Bank of England exhibits a decrease of 65,1961, Ire Fo- reign Stocks the only change is in, Turkish Six:per Gents, which are. 1:bet- ter-they are now 791808 ; Ditto-Four per. Cent Scrip 41 31. discount. In, Railways there is very little difference ; several bargains have been effected- Caledonian, 561; East -Lancashire, 67 ; Great Northern, .841; Great Western, 49f ; Midland, 62f ; North- British, 261; NorthuBanterre-Berwick, 671; Ditto York, 441.

earezeimr,,Cern o'Cincx.

In the Engliih Market therelas been very little doing, but-the Funds have declined I since the morning, Consols for Money are now 871 1, and for Account 871.8. Excheqper Bills and. India Stook are both lower. Ex- chequer Bonds 981. In:Foreign Stocks there has been no movement of im- portance.. Turkish Six per Cents have been done at 791. 80, and Scrip 41' discount.

In Railways there has been no new feature-Ambergate, Notts, Boston,. and Eastern Junction,.4 ; Caledonian, 561; East Anglian, 10}; Eastern Counties, 4 ; East Lancashire, 67f ; Great Northern, 841; Great Western, 49,1 ; Lancashire and Yorkshire 741; London and NOrth.Mestorn, 931.; Midland; 621; . North British, 261; North-Bastern--Berwick, 67f; Ditto Leeds, .111; Ditto_York, 441; North Stafferdshire,.9# ; Bell and Selby, 103f ; . London, Tilbury and Southend, 1171; Midland Bradford, Preference Stock,. 891; Northern and Eastern 6 per Cent, 63 ; Eastern Counties Extension 5' per .0entiNo. 1, 1- prem. ; Ditto Igew 6. per Cent Stock, 11/ ; Great Norther n- 5 per Cent Scrip, .Redeemableak5 per Cent Prem., 7f. ; Midland +Consolidated Bristol and Birmingham 6joer Cent.; 129f ; Do. Preference 4f per Cent, 11 die. ; . Grand.Trnnk of Canada, A issue, 14/1 Great Oenind of Frence, 121'; Great Indian Peninsula, 58; Great Western of Canada, al; Northern of France 201. Shares late Charleroi and Erquelines, 12. Mine-United Mexican, 41. Joint Stock Banks-Australasia, 92; London and Westminster, 44; Oriental' Bank Corporation, 40; Provincial 'of , Ireland; 53, Miscellaneous-Canada Government 6 per Cent January and July, 1078; Crystal Palace PreferenoM 4-1; General Screw Steam Shipping.Company,16.

3.par Dent Consols Ditto for Account

B per Cent Reduced

New 3 per Cents

Long Annuities,

Rank Stock Exchequer Bills, India.Stock Austrian 5 'per Cents Brasilian.5 per Cents - Belgsan,41 per-Centa: Chilian.6 per Cents .. ......

Danish 5 per Cents 87 87 8 86 7

87 -s ,

:87 9 11 I 7 d is. ta 7 80 8 98P100 . . 91: 8' 99 101.

100 2' Danish- 8 per Cents Dutch 21 per Cents Ditto 4 per Cents • Mexican 8 per Cents.

Peruvian 41 par Cents

Ditto 9 per Cents

. Portuguese-4. per Cents

-, Russian 6.per Cents , Ditto 41 per Cants

, Spanish 8 imr0ente -

, Ditto Deferred' Sardinian 5 per Cents ' Swedish 4 per Cents 81-4' 68.5 98.5 1911: 74 6 52 4' CV 5' 94-8.

85 8 38- e. 194,20. 84 6

86 9

The-rise in the priorkof sugar; caused by a very deficient:stock, hes been. followedby =advance in coffee, tea, and nee, but to a smaller extent. The-. stock of coffee is small, and the increase in price, seems natural; but they cause assigned for an upward movement in the.tea market is insufficient it is true that about 2;000;000 pounds less are expected to be imported this season, but then the excess in stock over last year exactly balances the detis cienoy. Sugar-am:I cofihe have been less firm during the last few days.

The price of tallow and oil in_ the English markets continues to advance, and. speculators are. busy-buying-up what they can in the expectation,.of gettiegmuch_highenpriees inthe next few months. The East India.Company have raised the= guaranteed interest from 41 to 5 • per cent on a further sum of 1,600,0001. of the extension capital of the Fast . India Railway Company.

From the report of a Committee of London shareholders, the-affhirs ofthe Colonial Doll Company aredn a very unpromising state-the paid-up.capital of .100,000/. expended, small profits acquired, the assets small ; the Com- mittee advise that. the system of, working, should be changed, or that the Company should be wound-up.

Three stoppages are reported in the Staffordshire iron dietrict, but not of a- very serious character, as the liquidation is expected to be goad. The Toll- end Iron Company have liabilities for 38,0001.