17 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 11

qt 'Quarts.

The' work of revival proceeds apace. Madame Celeste has brushed the

dust off an old Ilaymarketvdmma, Marie Damage, and given it a new domicile at theAdelphi. This piece, as may possibly be recollected, by those memories which can endure the friction of fourteen years; tarnaon, a theory that has been employed on other occasions,-the theory; namely, that a person who has lost his wits . is likely to. find them again• on the, identical spot where the accident occurred, provided the exact circa/no stances of the event are reproduced. Marie Ducange, being in a sort half married state, is deserted by her half-husband in the midst-era lira:- Rant ball, and goes mad. When the half-hnsbandeomes back penitent,. another ball precisely similar to the unlucky festivity is got up, and Marie . Ducange recovers. This play deserves the patronage• of the homeopa- thists.

Madame Celeste as the:heroine of the piece, a creature rather of action, than of words, appears-to great advantage ; butaho has an eccentric lover' in Mr. Shore, a new actor, who recently made his• debfit as the-fashions.- able Montmorency in The _Hundred-pound Note, and now essays his pow- ers in the violent emotions, which he depicts by a facial eloquence ingenious as it is surprising. The patronof the theatres.may now, if he pleases, indulge in *fancy analogous to that of the doctor in Peregrine Pickle-he may enjoy, a dra- matic banquet "after the manner of the ancients." AL the Princess's, we have Henry VIII and The Heir-at-Law ; at the Haymarket, She Stoops to Conquer, The Poor Gentleman, and Guy Mannering ; at the- Adelphi, Marie Ducange, The Hundred-pound Note, and Valentine and Orison; at Drury Lane, an- English Monsieur qul suit lee Iknornes ; at Sadler's Wells, Tlee Comedy of Errors y-a fine collection of early and me. dern antiques.. Fore novelty we must cross, Westminster Bridge. At Astley's we shall find, endowed with singular grace and courage, a ,new French equestrian, who has gained great honours ,m_Franoe, and owns- the attractive name of Clementine Soidlier.