17 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 18


'Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Partnerships Dissolved. -Tisdall and Ward, West Smithfield, bankers Greaves 'and Co. Manchester, oil-meretrants-Whitakerand Law,,Koehdale,:huilders-:Jack- son and Kendall. Pudsey, Yorkshire, delvers-Wilmot and Withy, Bristol, china- ..dealera-Lowodes and Cheer, Congleton,.machine-makerli-Evans and Co. Liver- pool, grocers-E. and T. Jones, Liverpool, copper-smiths--Rigby and Gordon, St. Helen's, Lancashire, earthenware-manufacturers-Gordon and Darlington, Constan- tinopleonerchants -Bignall and Walton, Bradford, Yorkshire, painters-Letts and Co..Royal Exchange, .statiouersliosenberg and Ibbetson, Sheffield,thbacco-manu- lecturers -Midwood And Fryer, and Fryer and Illidwood. Aleiondbury, grocers- Adams and Brand, Great Waltham, Agliers-Newton and.Co. Bardsley, within Knott Lanes, Lancashire, inn-keepers ; as far as regards J. and E. Newton; and Park, in Knott Lanes, copperas-manufacturers ; as far as regards A. and I. Newton --Pinkerton and Jowle, Manchester, power-loom-shuttle-makers -Ingliss and Chis- holm, Manchester, machinists-Routen and Pawson, Grantham,. pawnbrokers-Re- gineland Co. Ludgate Hill. Bankrupts.-Anent GLEN, Piccadilly, hotel-keeper, to surrender Nov. 23, Dec.,20: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman 'Street Buildings.

Grosoe Masoza, Ramsgate, victualler, Nov. 22, Dec. 28 : solicitor, Buchanan, -Guildhall Chambers ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

EDWARD AELEWNITE, South Audley Street, coach-builder,Nov. 23, Dec.27 : Abrahams, Southampton Buildings ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Sweet. le Rose, Norwich, baker, Nov. 22, .Dec. 20 : solicitor, Chidleys, ,Gresham Street ; official assignee, Johnson, Basingtall Street. -Wirrisu LARKING, Ipswich, innkeeper, Nov. 23, Dec.-`,22 : -solicitors, Nichols and T, am Buildings; ; Jennings,Ipervich-;-crfiloial assignee, Whitmore, Basing-. aballtitireet.

4J4RNELARNIE-EANFORD, Paternoster Raw.stationer.Nov..23, Dec..21 :.solicitor, aSirictO, VItho'Ar--84ome,4keePoTY..; .INUEARLILW4DEE.AIRWII414,.ERONIONni &Mit. Wu t TAM I:LARDINGBuaazss, Miles's Lane, Upper Thames Street, oilman, Noe. 23, Dec. 21 : solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry !Chansbers ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street. Joni" kImrav and FREDERICK HEILMAN B01721), Clayland Road, Clapham Road, lace-warehousemen, Nov. 27, Dec. 20 : solicitor*, Pocock and Poole, Bartholomew Close; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. Tacoma BOW AHD Lisa, Guildford, bookseller, Nov. 23, Dec. 18 : solicitors, Ja- gnat...New Inn ; Lovett, Guildford ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. ALTRED.RALmita, Wolverhampton, builder, Nov. 24, Dec. 20: solicitors, Manby, Wolverhampton; Weights, Birmingham; official assignee, -Bittleston, Birmingham. JANES BOBINOON, -Birmingham, boot-manufacturer, Nov. 28, Dec. 19: solicitors, Colmore and Beale, Birmingham ; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham. WLLIJAM Climates Tunssa, York, hair-dresser,Nov. 30, Dec. 21: solicitors, Wil- Idniam, York; Blackburn, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds.

Wurrau JENJIINBON, Salford, agent, Nov. 23, Dec.114: solicitors, Cunliffes and Bury, Manchester; official assignee, Hemaman, Manchester. Josue ktemarr, Jarrow, builder, Nov.21, Dec. 18 : solicitors, Hartley, Southamp- ton Street; Bryntl,Durham ; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Jasras Brame% South Shields, ship-owner, Nov. 21, Dec. 18 : solicitors, Crosby, Chinch Court, Old Jewry; Hoyle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Dividends-Dec. 4, Tanis, Crane Court, printer-Dec. 4, Trego, Gunter's Grove, West-Brompton, builder-Dec. 4, Taylor, Brook Street, Holborn, oilman-Dec. 4, Johnstone, St. Ire's, Huntingdonshire, draper- Dec. 5, Elawood, Chard, money- scrivener-Dec.'5, Kingdon Netherexe, Devonshire, cider-merchant-Dec. 6, Fen- ton, Crawshaw Booth. -LuM:ashire, cotton-manufacturer-Dec. 6, Bawling and Co. Manchester, corrieca-_Dec. 4, Kenyon, Newton Heath, Lancashire, chemist-Dec. 11, Condron, Macclesfield, silk-manufacturer-Dec. 5, Macbeth, Preston, tailor- Dec. 10, Atcheson, Cheetham, wine-merchant-Dee. 5, Wilson, Manchester, timber- merchantDec. 5, Mason, Manchester, stationer-Dec. 6, Wilkinson, Brymbo, Denbighshire, iron-master-Dec. 12, Carlton, Darlington, coach-manufacturer- Dec. 12, Adamson and Bell, Sunderland, curriers.

Cenfifseates.- To be granted, unless muse be shown to the contrary, on the day of seeding.-Dee. 5, Culhane, Dartford, apothecary-Dec. 5, Watson, York Terrace, Ile rat's Park, hotel-keeper-Dec. 8, Wayland, Battersea, beer-shop-keeper-Dec.

4. jun. Gozwell-Street, -carver-Dec. 8, Waller Herbert Street, New North Road, -pnat.seller- Dec. 6, Fawcett and Parrott, .Lisle Street, Leicester Square, boot-manufacturers-Dec. 7, Mayer and Boulton, Bristol, potters-Dec. 6, Younger sen. Sunderland, builder-Dec. 11, Walton, Haverton Bill, Durham, glass-manu- facturer-Dec. 13, Dyer, Bus Castle, Cornwall, grocer-Dec. 4, Smith, Birkenhead, hop-merchant-Dec. 6, Dempster, Liverpool, stone-mason-Dec. 4, Bridge, Man- chester, builder-Dec. 5, Macbeth, Preston, tailor-Dec. 11, Poyser, Derby, boot- manufacturer-Dec. 8, Belcher, Wolverhampton, auger-manufacturer-Dec. 3, Stan- ton, Birmingham, brewer. .Declarations of Dicidends.-J. H. and F. H. Gould,'Watling Street, lace-ware- housemen ; that die. of 2s. on new proofs, Wednesday neat, and three subsequent 37fednesdays ; .Edwards, Sambrook Court-Hunt, Kidderminster, ironmonger ; first dlr. of 3s. 7d. any Thursday ; Christie, Birmingham. &olds Regnestrations.-Jenkinson, Penicuiek. draper, Nov. 21-Niven, Glasgow, merchant, Nov. 20-Henderson, Glasgow, merchant, Nov. 21-J. and A. S. Baird, Glasgow, merchants, Nov. 23-A. and A. Cameron and M'Leod, Glasgow, sewed- muslui-manufactnrere, Nov.22.

Friday, Noy. '16. -Partnerships 'Dissolved.-Sidney and Co. Ludgate _Hill, tea-dealers-Sidney and Ward, Hull, tea-dealers-Kenward and Beeny, Suttoq, Surrey, millers -ilipkina and Co. Wolverhampton, brewers-The-Phoenix Foundry Company. Lancaster; as Maras regards N. Storey-Herzog and Hagenbuch, Friday Street, commission-agents Bernaniond Go. .Bristal, sugar-refiners-Rutlidge,and Taleen, Leedenhall Street, ship-brokers- Medworth and Harris, Little Howland-Street, Tottenham Court Road, avaved-moulding-makers-Blendin -and Co. Tampico, merchants-Kingston and Na- than, Manchester, watch-makers-.Dickens and Co. Salford, machinists ; as far as re- prds W. Hartcliffe-Weightman and Co. Bawtry, Yorkshire, wine-merchants ; as far as regards R. Wei,ghtman-R. and B. Green, Leamington Priors, livery-stable- keepers-Hulse and Humphreys, Droitivich, boiler-makers-J. and II. k errabee, Platen= Iron Works, Stroud, ensineers-Rulgway and Inglis, Huddersfield, wool- merchants --Kayser and Co.-Manchester, commission-merchants ; as far as regarda,J. E. Partington-Crofts and Cartwright, Birmingham, -gun-makers-Kenn and Rey- nolds jun.--Ehlers and-Stourton, Hull, merchants-Carr and Co. Manchester, linen- Manufacturers ; as far as regards D. Curr-Hughes and Joynson, Everton, painters .-,Daniell and Bennett, Baker Street, Portman Square. liankrupts.-,-Ceisaxass Comma, Waltham, Kent, grocer, to surrender Nov. 27, Dec. 27 solicitors, Linklater and Hackwood, Sise Lane; Walker, Canterbury; offi- cial assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings. 'Joao( Ginaciaar, .Stockbridge Terrace, -Pimlico, .musical-instrument-dealer, Nov. .27,Dec.,28 Gurriers' Hall; official Assignee, Johnson, Basing- hall Street.

Tawas Goirroa, Lincoln's Inn Fields, merchant,Bec. 4, 26 : solicitor, Jerwood, Ely 'Place ; official assignee,-Stansfeld, Basingliall-Street.

-Witums 'Tarzana, Clifford Road, St. ,John's Wood, builder, Nov. 24, Jan. 5:

Solicitor, Chapple, Great Carter ; eflicial assignee, 3dicholson, Basinghall Street.

Jona _Gammas, Stamford Baron, coal-merchant, Nov. 24, Jan. 5 : solicitors, Wright-and Bonner, LoodonStreet, Fenchurch -Street ;,Law, Stamford; official as- ague% .Pennell, Guildhall Chambers.

Joss -Bans, Cambridge Terrace, Islington, contractor, Dec. '4, 26: solicitor, aktkinaon, Quality Court, Chancery Lane ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street.

:Jonar.Gturr,'Cambridge Terrace, lalington, laffider,_Nov.-27, Dec. 20: solicitors,- .Chiltort andBurton. Chancery Lane; .officiaLasawiee, lee, ,Aldermanbury. Impute Wammo Kidderminster, victualler, Nov.14, -Dec. 17: solicitors, Boy- cott,-Kkiderminater; -Istotteram and Knight, Birmingham ; official assignee,-Whit- more, Bismingham.

'EMAHJED mow LVDLOW WHITMORE, itamsbury, Wiltshire, .apothecary, Nov. 30, Dec.21 : solicitors, Abbot and-Lucas, Bristol ; official assignee, Miller, Bristol. BENZAKIN Nicaurao, Newton-Bushell, Devonshire, wine-merchaut,. Nov.:27, Dec. 27.: soli citor,-Francie, -Newton Bushell ;: Eitogdou, Eider ; official assignee, 11 Amster. .

BENJAMIN FRENCH, St. Mary's Terrace, Walworth Road, stationer, Nov. 27;Dec. 30 :-.soliciter, Buchanan, Guildhall Chambers ; efficial assignee, Lee, Aldernumbury. Wil.mam HALL, Dorhain.grocer, Nov. 27, Jan. 8.: solicitors, Brown, Newcamie- upon:Tyne ; Cooper, Sunderland; Earle and C. Southampton Buildings; official assignee.-Baker,.Newcaatle,upon-Tyne. -Warman Canna, ,Sunderland, rope-manufacturer,liov. 23, Dec. 21: solicitor, Cooper, Sunderland ; -official assignee, Baker,.Newcastle-upon:Tyne. Dividends.-Dec. 7,.Elgar, Ashford, Kent, grocer-Dec. 10, Rolfe, Faversham, tailor-Dec.-7, Adams, New Court, Goswell Street, victualler-Dec. 7, Clerk, Sur- hitan, Surrey;hailder-Dec. 10, Gocrin_ger„Queen 'Street, Golden-Square. victualler --Dec. 5, Cablaurii, .Cumberland "taw; Cross, victualler-Dec. 8, Ball, Wood Street, glover- Dec. 7, Patient, Saffron Walden, -cooper-Dec. 7, Lacy, Great -St. Helen's, gun-manufacturer- Dec. 7, Hubbard, Crumbed Friars, hop-merchant- Dee. 8, Fairy,-Bedford, -provision-merchant-Dec.-8, Powuall, Ipailicb, shipowner- Dec. 7, Mills, Hove, broker-Dec. 10, Rubbra, Dudley, grocer-Dec. .10, Allen, Birmingham, -builder-Dec. 10, Massingham, Birmingham, jeweller-,Dec. .10, M'.Carthy, Aston, Birmingham, dealer., Dec. 8, Hancock, Talk-ce-the-Hill, Stafford-. shire, builder-Dec. 22, Levy, St. Swithin,- Worcester, clothier-, Dec. -22, Webber, Birmingham, grocer-Dec. 22, Bennett, -Vestbromwich, brewer-Dec. 5, Elswood, Chard, Somerset, money-scrivener-Dec. -10, Peat, Manchester, -boot-maker-Dec. • 10, Boyle-and Tattersall, Whitewell Bottom, Lancashire, cotton-nianufacturers- Nov. 29; Manley, Manchester, machine-maker--,Dec. 10, Aldridge Leeds chemist- Dec: 17. J ..and G. Blakey, Keighley ; Yorkshire, grocers-Dec. 8, hiarahalland Smith, Sheffield, edge-tool-manufacturers. Certificeass.-To be granted, unless cause be shown to theeontrary, on the-day of meeting.-Dec. 8,11atley,,Northampton, engineer-Dec. 7,-Blackwell, Peterborough, currier-Dec.-S.-Masters; Norwood, hotel-keeper-Dec. 10, Stone, Bristolicarpenter -Dec. 14, .Rushton, Carlisle, plasterer-Dec. 12, Adamson and Bell, Sunderland, Carriers-Dec. 19, Knowles, Bacup, Lancashire, manufacturer-Dec. 18, Hobson, Leeds.,2rocer-:Mccall, Lupton. Bradford, Yorkshire, innkeeper-Dec. 13; Duffield, Oldbury, Worcestershire, publican. Zeclaration of _Dividend.- Armitage and Co..Sheffield, steel-manufacturers ; first div. of as. sny.clay ; Brewiu, Sheffield. -Scotch- Seguestrations.-Loukhaet, Baronald, Lanarkshire, wood-merchant, Nov. 23 -Wilson or M'Pherson, Glasgow, shoe-furnisher, Nov. 26 - Hunteriunior,•NiWport,.- Nov. 27-,Lavery, Bilbarchan, Renfrew, road-contractor, Nov. 26.