17 NOVEMBER 1855, Page 5


Dublin was disturbed by a militia riot on Tuesday. The Mayo Mi- litia quarrelled with the City of Dublin Militia, and a considerable num- ber of the former collected in the streets intent on assailing the men of the latter. Fortunately the Dublin men were confined to barracks ; and a strong picket of the riotous regiment, issuing forth, led their comrades back to barracks, but not until the peace had been broken, and a crowd collected which recalled to mind the mobs of 1848.

For some time the Protestant mind of Dublin has been agitated by a report that the " Redemptoriet Fathers" had burned a Bible in a chapel at Kingstown. The truth of the allegation remains doubtful, but it has not been explicitly denied. " L. de Buggcnoms," one of the Fathers, has published a sort of contradiction of the report, in these terms- " I beg to say that I have not ordered or sanctioned the burning of any Bible, but only of immoral books. I have still in my possession the Pro- testant Bibles which I received during the course of the mission. If any Bible, or portion of a Bible, has been burnt, it must therefore have been through mistake, as it was contrary to my wishes."

A memorial to the Lord-Lieutenant on the subject is to be presented to his Excellency as soon as possible after his return from England.