17 NOVEMBER 1860, Page 18


Mr. Thomas Wright, the well-known archologist, is said to be engaged on a "History of Domestic Manners and Sentiments," to be published by Mr. James Virtue.

"The Invasions of England from the earliest Times," by the Reve- rend Dr. Giles ; and "The Coal Fields of Great Britain, their History, Structure, and Duration," by Edward Hull, F.G.S., are preparing for publication by Mr. Edward Stanford.

Messrs. Chapman and Hall announce " Serbski Pesme; or, National Songs of Servia," by Owen Meredith ; "Sketch of Events in Italy during the last eighteen months," by Theodosia Trollope ; and " Paul the Pope and Paul the Friar," by Thomas Adolphus Trollope.

A translation of Professor J. G. Kohl's "Travels in Canada and through the States of New York and Pennsylvania," by Mrs. Percy Sin- nett, is preparing for publication by Mr. Manwaring.

Messrs. Jackson and Walford have in the press "'Joseph Alleine, his Companions and Times : a Memorial of Black Bartholomew Day, 1662," by the Reverend Charles Stanford.

"A Treatise on the Ironstone of the Cleveland District ; illustrated by a large Geological Map of part of the North Riding of Yorkshire," by Joseph Bewick, is announced as forthcoming by Mr. Reid, Newcastle-on- Tyne.

Messrs. Gould and Lincoln, Boston, U.S., are preparing for publica- tion "The Pulpit of the Revolution; or the Political Sermons of the period of 1776," by J. Wingate Thornton, Esq., of Boston.

"Three Years' Residence at Washington ; or Reminiscences of Men and Matters in the Patent Office," by Thomas Ewbank, Esq., author of "Inorganic Forces ordained to supersede Human Slavery,' is about to be brought out by a New York publisher.

American papers announce the forthcoming publication of a new bio- graphy of Beethoven, by an American amateur, who has been engaged for ninny years on the task of collecting and arranging new materials for this purpose.

Messrs. A. Leclerc and Co. Paris, have published the first volume of a large work on England, "L'Angleterre telle qu'elle eat; Seize Ans d'Observation dans ce Pays," by M. Aurele Kervigan.

A new work by M. Sainte-Beuve, " Cbateaubriand et son Groupe Litteraire sous L'Empire," has been brought out by Messrs. Gamier and Co., Paris, M. Dentu has just published "Histoire de L'Ordre Royal et Militaire de Saint Louis, depuis ear. Institution en 1693 jusqu'en 1830," by Alex. Mazas, formerly staff officer, and Theodore Anne, formerly "Garde du. Corps du Roi."

A new and greatly enlarged edition of M. de La Villemarque's "Ro- mans de la Table-Ronde, et Contes des Anciens Bretons,' has been brought out by Messrs. Didier and Co., Paris.

The same publishers have issued an Appendix to J. Ferrari's large work on Italy, entitled " L'Italic apres la Guerre," by J. Fabrizi, with an introduction by M. Martin Doisy.

The committee of the " Comedie-Franeaise," have decided on the publication of the most important documents of the society, to be edited by M. Thierry; The first volume is to contain the celebrated " Registre de Lagrange, a sort of Pepys' diary.

A fresh contribution to the history of the Congress of Vienna, has been published by M. Reimer Berlin, under the title, "Die Schlusa-Acte der Wiener Conferenzen Vrkunden, Geschichte und Commenter."

Professor A. Theiner has issued the first volume of his long promised "Vetere monuments Polonire et Lithuanite gentiumque finitimarum his- toriam illustrantia maximum partem nondum edits ex tabulariis Yeti- canis, &c."

At Pesth, Hungary, has appeared " Angol-Scothoni Daplo' 1858 es 1859 bill," (English-Scottish diary during the years 1858-69), by M. Paul Terey. The work, which is illustrated by numerous engravings and wood-cuts, gives a pretty minute description of British rural life, chiefly from the agricultural point of view.