17 NOVEMBER 1928, Page 1

Not that such figures cause any alarm in-Great Britain: The

idea of competitive building has simply passed out of the public mind here. It is generally felt that naval competition is the one way of heightening the risks of war and that whatever risk may be said to be incurred by not building, it will be in all the circumstances a minor risk.- Much of what Mr. Coolidge said about the faultS of Europe suggests a superiority complex at Washington; We Europeans are miserable sinners, we know, but it is not' a justifiable representation of the facts to say that the Allies grabbed territory to recoup themselves for the War whereas America asked for nothing. Every new territory that has been entrusted to Great Britain, for example, is under a mandate which involves a direct responsibility to the League. If any Englishman thought that money could be made out of mandates he must have been sorely disillusioned. We can only wish that America had joined in this responsibility. She . was asked to become responsible as the mandatory authority for the unhappy Armenians, but refused.

* * * *