18 APRIL 1931, Page 1

News came to Madrid on Tuesday morning that the new

Republican councillors at Barcelona had already proclaimed a Catalan Republic of which Colonel Macia was the President. It may be remembered that in 1927 Colonel Macia as head of the Catalan Separatist movement proclaimed a Republic but -fled and was arrested in France. Other provincial towns quickly followed the example of Barcelona. All this had its natural effect upon the Republicans in Madrid. Every- thing went with a rush. At 10.30 in the morning Captain General Aznar, who was still Prime Minister, had said, according to the Times correspondent, that there was " no crisis," and that the next step was for the King to hear the opinions of leading statesmen. After the King had received the Ministers and several other political leaders at the Palace for this purpose, Count Romanones had an important interview with Senor Zamora. Senor Zamora at this point seized his opportunity to ride the whirlwind. He refused every suggestion of compromise —the Xing must abdicate before the sun set. No Spaniard is better versed in political finesse than Count Romanones, and his acceptance of Senor Zamora's ultimatum showed that he read inevitability in the march of events. He knew what a cyclone of public anger would blow if Senor Zamora were sent to prison again. * * * *