18 APRIL 1931, Page 13

-No organization has such a chance as the British Empire

to advance research into botanical wealth, with new forms of food and fodder, of cotton and wool and fibre, of oil and drugs. And the chance is being taken. Sir Arthur Hill, the Director of Kew, who has lately returned from a trip to Africa, South and East, gave me the other day a most striking account of the chain of research stations—notably in Tanganyika and Trinidad, of which Kew is the keystone. Kew can always find within the Empire just the right soil and clime for any plant brought to its notice. With really constructive imagination the Empire Marketing Board is forging new links in this beneficent chain. Grasses that will flourish in drought, coffee of particular qualities, an oil plant that may provide a cure for leprosy, are three casual examples of present research within the Empire, and all promise well.