18 APRIL 1931, Page 38


The engine has six cylinders of bore and stroke, 65 mm. by 101.6 mm., the overhead valves, being operated by push-rods. A gear-type pump forces oil to all main bearings, big-ends and to the overhead valve gear. A water pump and a fan, together with a radiator of large dimensions, preclude much chance of over-heating. A twelve-volt battery under the driving seat provides the current for the coil ignition. The engine is very sensitive to the advance and retard lever, which is on the steer- ing-wheel. The petrol is contained by a tank at the rear of the chassis holding 10 gallons ; this is pumped to the carburettor by a positive pump ; there is also a glass filter at the pump,and a gauze at the filler. On the top of the float chamber of the Stromberg carburettor is a glass filter ; the carburettor has an accelerating pump with an economizer and a fixed jet, which, however, is easily changed ; a slow-running screw can be altered by hand, and a starting jet works with the choke from the dash. The brakes are mechanical, all operated by rods, and the hand brake works those on the rear wheels only. The spring are semi-elliptic all round, and each is assisted by a shock absorber, Of these the front two are accessible and adjustable. On the off-side of the chassis frame there are grouped oiling nipples. The dimensions of the wheel base, track and ground clearance, are 9 ft. 3 in. ; 4 ft. 3 in. ; and 7i ins. The gearbox has four speeds and reverse. The " silent third " really is hardly noticeable ; indeed, on one occasion I tried to change down to third, not realizing I was in third at the time.