18 JANUARY 1957, Page 19

SIR,—For the information of Mr. Jesman I wish to state

that I was a member of Maadi Club for seven- teen years. During that time I sat on various com- mittees and sub-committees and I never remember the refusal of an Egyptian officer's application for mem- bership. Latterly the club was full of them. I wonder what would have happened to an Englishman's application to join any of the Egyptian clubs?

As for the bawdy version of the Egyptian national anthem, there may have been one but I never heard it. I suggest that it was nothing like so prevalent as Mr. Jesman wishes us to believe.

As to the denigration of King Farouk, I suggest that most of the stories originated from Egyptian sources. I heard some pretty good ones myself.

No, Sir, Egyptians are not bad fellows but lying propaganda has made us incompatibles.—Yours faithfully,


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