18 JANUARY 1957, Page 19

SIR,—Time and again one-sided versions of Egyptian treachery, brutality, arrogance

and corruptness appear in the daily press, are accepted as truth, and used as counter-accusations whenever our conduct in Egypt is questioned. Such stories have increased since the Egyptian Government no longer has the means of refuting them in London, and I can only appeal to Doris Davy to try to find out from neutral sources what really happened to Lieutenant Moorhouse if she declines to accept the reports published in the Egyptian newspapers.

From the age of thirteen I have moved freely and enjoyably about the suks of Cairo, Alexandria and Port Said; and all the anti-Egyptian propaganda in the world will not convince me that, had not the threat of mass reprisals prevented the Egyptian com- mandos from revealing the whereabouts of this officer he would be alive today. Does not Doris Davy realise that, had the Egyptian irregulars been the fiends she imagines them to be, he would have been put pain- fully to death before thousands of troops as well as numbers of tanks commenced their destructive search for him?—Yours faithfully,

49 Moreton Place, Westminster. SW!