18 JANUARY 1957, Page 7

I SEE THAT among Communist leaders in the market for

a United Front is Dr. Cheddi Jagan, the split in whose People's Progressive Party of British Guiana has evidently given him to think. The remits of his meditations are revealed in a recent speech reported in the Georgetown Daily Chronicle. The trouble has been 'left-wing devia- tions.' Some Communists in our party.' says Dr. Jagan rather strangely, 'tended to act as Com- munists in a Communist party. The distinc- tion is a subtle one—particularly for somebody who well remembers Dr. Jagan denying the very existence of Communist elements in his party when he visited this country three years ago. My main recollection of him then is of a fluent speaker wearing the brightest tic ever to pierce a Lambeth fog and quite frequently biting back too obvious a piece of Marxist phraseology for the benefit of the journalist interviewing him. I also remember the ally who has since left him. Mr. L. F. S. Burnham, sitting in the background and not saying much. I thought at the time he was content to play second fiddle to Dr. Jagan—evi- dently I was wrong. Dr. Jagan was probably wrong too, but I should not advise any unwary British Guiana left-wingers to take Mr. Burn- ham's place at his side.