1 OCTOBER 1921, Page 2

At Geneva on Wednesday, September 21st, according to the Daily

Chronicle, Mr. Fisher reported to the Sub-Commission of the League of Nations Assembly which is concerned with the Russian famine that the British Government would not provide credits for the Soviet. Other members thought that this would be the attitude of all Governments, and it was sug- gested that any official contributions from the various States should be made through the International Red Cross Organiza- tion. For our part, we regard this as satisfactory. We wrote at length in the Spectator of September 17th suggesting that the Red Cross scheme was the best channel through which to work. If official grants are made in addition to private contri- butions, there is no reason at all why these should not also be administered by the Red Cross. We hope that now that more light has been thrown on the situation those who wish to help will not hesitate to send their contributions to the Imperial War Relief Fund at Fishmongers' Hall.