1 OCTOBER 1921, Page 2

The Bolsheviks replied on Monday to Lord Curzon's charges of

bad faith by declaring that he was misinformed. They had taken steps " to cease all activity and to dissolve any organiza- tion in the East which might be construed as likely to give offence" to Great Britain. Unfortunately, this denial—which the Daily Herald was careful to print in full while it gave only the barest summary of Lord Curzon's charges—conflicts with the evidence of the Bolshevik Press, which openly boasts of the revolutionary agitation that is being conducted in Persia and on the Indian frontier. Dr. Shadwell showed in Saturday's Times, from Bolshevik evidence, that the Third International is the creation of the Bolshevik despotism. If the Third Inter- national is, as we know, trying to promote an insurrection in India, Moscow is responsible, despite the trade agreement.