20 APRIL 1991, Page 14


A reader received the following letter from a firm of solicitors: Dear Madam, We have been instructed by your neigh- bour in relation to serious allegations of harassment of our client.

We are informed that over a period of several years you have persistently inti- mated [sic] our client for no apparent reason. It is alleged that you have: 1. Put cat food through our client's letter box;

12. Locked our client's cat in your flat over a lengthy period of time, causing our client to post missing notices; 3. Chasing away our client's visitors;

4. Contacting the policy [sic] and social services and making false allegations regarding our client's care of her chil- dren.

We take a very serious view of this type of behaviour. If it does not persist [sic] we will be pursuing the appropriate legal remedies.

Yours faithfully Mackworth Rowland 110 King's Road London SW3 If you have an example of a crass, illiterate, ignorant, irrelevant or embar- rassing letter or notice from a company or public body, send a copy to Unlet- tered, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL; £10 for each one printed.