20 JUNE 1931, Page 2

The Commons reached Clause 20 of the Finance Bill and

the. Liberal amendment with an accumulated intensity of anticipation. As is described on another page, solvitaur rise tabulae. Compromise had been reached elsewhere. The injustice of which Mr.. Lloyd George had so eloquently, and we do not doubt honestly complained, had been whittled down till he could just swallow it ; reduced from the size of a horse-ball to that of a pill fit for a political leader. In return the Liberals surrendered their principle that there should be no double taxation on one unit of land. The' new tax would only be at 'the rate of id. in the £. So small Captain 'Marryat provided, 'through- the mouth of the young mother of the corne-by-chance babe, the same excuse, " Only a little one." But babies and taxes have their ways of growing. • * * *