20 JUNE 1931, Page 34

British Spas. and Railways

[To the Editor-of the SPECTATOR.1 SIR,—In your interesting article on the British Spas in the Spectator for June 6th it is stated that the British Spas have " no association with the tourist associations and railway companies which has been so fruitful abroad."

May I point out that we have been in close association with Mr. Broome, manager of the Royal Baths at Harrogate, and with managers of the other Spas on this company's system for many years, and the advertising campaigns of these Spas are arranged jointly with this company ? One of the results of the Harrogate advertising scheme is the advertise- ment on the next page of the Spectator to that occupied by your article, and although this advertisement happens to be placed by Mr. Broome it is partly paid for by this company. Under the circumstances it is scarcely correct to state that the British Spas have no association with the railway corn- panies.—I am, Sir, &c.,

M. HIND, Information Agent. L. ce N. E. Railway, King's Cross Station, London, N. 1.