20 MARCH 1942, Page 12

Sia,—What a deplorable and saddening response to your stimulating article

" Braced and Compact? " four out of the six letters from correspondents you publish in extenso in the issue of March 13th exhibit. What a relief to find one among the six over the signature of W. H. Murray Walton bidding us turn our eyes away from material to spiritual things, or at least to maintain a proper proportion in our regard for these two aspects of life.

H. G. Lyall opines that we have lost faith in our leaders. Have we? And, if so, have we been fair and allowed for the magnitude of the task with which they have to deal? If our leaders are at fault, and we by our own acts deserve better leaders, the fact that we are truly a democracy of free men will ensure our getting them. " My country, right or wrong," should mean that I know her faults and I hope her virtues are represented in my own person. I do not stand apart and criticise her as Mrs. W. R. Tarr seems inclined to do. " Land of hope and glory, mother of the free," I used to sing these words pianissimo, considering them boastful, until I noted the amaze- ment of my German refugee guest at the freedom and what he called the voluntary discipline of our people. Unlike Mrs. Tarr, I am proud of belonging to this nation, and rejoice that over two hundred years ago my ancestors became members of it.

Finally, we are not going to win this war if we quarrel about

wages or refuse to do our utmost for the nation unless here and now our political or economic system is changed to the one we at the moment favour. Cannot we, in face of the crisis confronting us, decide to give service, leaving other considerations out of account till the crisis has been overcome?—Yours faithfully,


35 Holland Street, Kensington, W. 8.