20 MARCH 1942, Page 13

StR,—After reading the letter of your correspondent " Private Soldier

" in your issue of the 6th March, I am left wondering whether he has made any application to the Education Officer of his unit. It is this officer's responsibility to make provision for lectures, the supply of books, and other means of enabling the troops to maintain their contact with the intellectual side of life.

It will, I am sure, be found that the Education Committee of the borough or county in which your correspondent is serving will gladly put its resources at the disposal of any unit which applies to it.

—Your obedient servant, R. E. MARTIN. Chairman, Leicestershire Education Committee. The Brand, Loughborough.

S1R,—A correspondent enquired in a recent issue how many men in the Army really wanted to go to bed to music supplied by Jack Payne or Geraldo.

For his information, my own figures obtained from a cross-section of an anti-aircraft battery are :—(a) Officers, 75 per cent. ; (b) other

ranks, 90 per cent.—Yours truly, " SUBALTERN, R.A."