20 MARCH 1942, Page 14

In the Garden A number of gardeners have doubtless received,

as I have, a little card bearing the notice " We regret we have now sold out of leek and have no suitable substitute "—that from the greatest of our seedsmen. What are we all, especially the Welsh, to do? Those who take the longer view—into 1943—will grow their own seed, sacrificing to this end, some of the few plants remaining. The seed ripens well in England. We may also grow more shallots, for the planting of which the date has arrived. Carrots have been cheap, and so plentiful that they have been freely used as fodder. Some say that their hens have never laid so well as since carrots have been " the chief of their diet." This plenitude was due largely to the astonishing yield last year. Forty ton to the acre was recorded, more than double the average. Do not therefore reduce the ares for the coming year. The spring is late ; therefore prune your roses later than usual ; and indeed add a week or two to the recommended dates for sowing both vegetables and annual flowers.