20 MAY 1905, Page 1

The Russian Government is doing its best to conciliate internal

opponents without submitting to the revolutionaries. It recently liberated the Orthodox sects, the Roman Catholics, and the Lutherans from the penal laws against their religious beliefs, and now it has allowed Polish schoolmasters to use their own language wherever Poles are in a majority, and has permitted Jewish artisans to reside in any of the towns of the Empire. Both concessions will be warmly welcomed, and the latter will relieve the frightful congestion of the Jewish population within the Western districts. To make the latter concession effective, however, all Governors should be ordered to protect the Jews as if they were Russians. The followers of their creed are in more danger from mobs than from the officials. The former cannot be bribed, the object of the fanatics being the expulsion of the entire race as well as pillage.