20 MAY 1905, Page 2

The debate on the Finance Bill was resumed on Tuesday

by Mr. McCrae, who condemned the extravagance of the Government's financial policy, and asked how we were to reconcile the Premier's assurance of our invulnerability to invasion with an increased expenditure on the Army, a point developed by Sir John Gorst later in the debate. Mr. Gibson Bowles dealt with the dangerous power of borrowing possessed by the Government, and the stupendous figures of our total liabilities ; while Mr. Sydney Buxton extracted some melan- choly consolation from the prospects of diminished expendi- ture in West Africa and Somaliland, where the Mullah, instead of being mad, had become a potentate and the owner of additional territory and a port. Mr. Victor Cavendish pointed out that the increase of expenditure was largely due to the obligations placed upon various Depart- ments by the action of the House of Commons.