20 MAY 1905, Page 23

Berlin, and his "Impressions of the German Emperor." He does

not, it is true, let the public into any secrets—there is nothing, for instance, about the alleged intention of the Continental Powers to interfere on behalf of Spain—but ho has much of great interest to say. The Century is full, as usual, of good things. One paper calls for especial notice, and that is "Africa's Appeal to Christendom," by Prince Momolu Massaquoi of Glendimah. This is the Vei territory on the West Coast of Africa in the Protectorate of Sierra Leone,—nono of tho names mentioned are recognisable in our atlas. The appeal is concerned with the liquor traffic, which the Prince is anxious to stop. Christianity so far makes a poor show beside Mohammedanism, which forbids, and that effectively, the traffic.—We may mention at the same time the half-yearly volume of St. Nicholas (same publishers, 6s.), of which it is not necessary to say more than that it is as good as usual.