20 MAY 1905, Page 23

Handbook of Cyprus. Compiled by Sir J. T. Hutchinson and

Claude Delaval Cobham. (E. Stanford. 2s. 6d. net.)—A handbook, compiled by the Chief Justice and the Commissioner of Larnaca, which introduces itself by a quotation from the " Bacchae"— Isolp.ay inyr1 Kvspov JKfi vicarer, JKei bl intleos—is clearly out of the common. We will give, however, some commonplace extracts from it. Population in 1881, 186,173 ; in 1901, 237,022 ; revenue (1904), X215,360; expenditure, £140,284; imports (1903), X386,661; exports, X387,541 (wine figures for £20,579, the quantity being 666,877 gallons, about 8d. a gallon). There are forty-eight medical practitioners, of whom three are British, and sixty-three advocates, all natives ; one English newspaper, ten Greek (41Aireg and McicrrtE among them), and one Turkish. There is a nine-hole golf course ; no library (though two are to be built). Mean maximum temperature 77 deg., mean minimum 53.7 deg. Beef and mutton are about 5d. per pound, and wine 2d. the bottle.