20 MAY 1905, Page 3

A very interesting paper on exploration in Tibet was read

before the Royal Geographical Society on Monday by Major Ryder, R.E., who has been awarded the patron's gold medal for his services to geographical science. Major Ryder, who was in charge of the survey work carried out in connection with the British Mission to Lhasa, described in detail the remarkable journey made by his party from Gyangtse to Simla trici Gartok, in the course of which, though fighting had only lately ceased, they were received with great cordiality by the Tibetans, and visited the Tashi Lama at the great monastery at Shigatse. The Tashi Lama, the sixth holder of his office, is a young man of remarkable appearance and character, and seemed to be generally beloved and revered. To the lay reader the most striking result of the journey was the vindication of Mount Everest's supremacy as by far the highest peak of the Himalayan range.

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