20 OCTOBER 1939, Page 6

Brief reports of the case of a lady in Bucks

who was summoned for storing on her premises more than three gallons of petrol without a licence, and was fined Do, the petrol not being confiscated, seemed—in view of the fact that the actual amount stored was 258 gallons—all in 2-gallon cans —so startling by contrast with the penalties imposed in many apparently more flagrant cases that I turned to the local paper for a fuller report of the proceedings. It is a surprising story, but the defence was cumulative, and, on the whole, justified the mildness of the sentence. It appears that the petrol was bought quite legitimately at the end of June or the beginning of July; that the defendant has a car which does 8 miles to the gallon; that her husband has a number of cars ; that there were a number of farm tractors, mowing- machines, &c., to be supplied ; that guests are given any petrol they need ; consumption thus running to about too gallons a week. . It would be interesting to know what the lady gets under the rationing scheme.