21 OCTOBER 1972, Page 25

Sir: You are to be congratulated on your worthy editorial

regarding the implications of the Royal Assent to the European Communities Bill. Moreover, what you say is a timely guide as to what attitude those of us who have opposed Market entry should adopt as from January 1, 1973. As you correctly state, if this country joins the EEC it will not be because "the people have willed it." Far from it. Indeed, every possible test that has been made endorses the premise that the people are full-heartedly against Market entry on the terms negotiated.

This really is a most remarkable and Unexpected situation. Not only have the people repulsed the Government and its propaganda machine, not to mention the massive campaign mounted by certain big business interests; they have also routed the press (with the honourable exception of the Daily Express and, of course The Spectator), radio and television where, especially on the BBC, much of the debate has been angled towards the pro-Market movement and where it has almost always been a case of " when " rather than " if " we enter Europe.

This represents both a populist victory against elitism and a triumph for democracy. And as a result of this, when taken in context with the pledges to "negotiate, no more — no less" and the " full-hearted " consent of Parliament and people, it means that to all intents and purposes the European Communities Bill is morally null and void.

How right you are to echo the sentiments of those two great patriots, Mr Enoch Powell, and Mr Michael Foot, when you say "neither Parliamentary votes nor Royal assent will remove from the country the right, and if it proves necessary, the duty to repudiate what, by the Queen's signature, is enacted."

The message is abundantly clear. We must fight onl Fight on!

.Tames Towler 25 Moseley Wood Lane, Cookridge, Leeds