21 OCTOBER 1972, Page 25

Spectator cartoons

Sir: The small cartoon on your political page (October 7) seems to imply that King Canute believed he had power to stop the rising tide. But surely the object of this selfdeprecatory exercise was to prove that he could not. It is astonishing how this legend is always used in reverse. May I take this opportunity to compliment you on the splendid black print of The Spectator which makes it such a pleasure to read.

E. B. Pinder Davis 49 Wykeham Road, London NW4 From Mrs J. D. Sandes Sir: Do let's go back to plain covers on The Spectator — this week's was so repugnant and ugly, I had to tear it off. The most apt looked it up in Larousse and it turns out to be excellently descriptive of that unwitting cartoon — quite out of keeping with The Spectator's image — viz epais — qui n'est pas fin.

J. D. Sandes 23 Eresby House, Rutland Gate, London SW7