21 OCTOBER 1972, Page 27

Up the Liberals

Sir: While not possessing sideburns, grey or otherwise, and not considering myself in any sense ' odd ' I am proud to consider myself a Liberal. Given the minimal publicity given to our Party in the media I think you do a great disservice to your paper to include such 'snide' remarks as contained in The Spectator of September 30. May I ask whether you consider it 'odd' that we Liberals advocated EEC entry, regional devolution and a negative income tax assessment years before our political opponents 'discovered' them? Far from being an 'odd party' I would suggest the Liberals are the only progressive political party in Great Britain for let us not forget that what Liberals advocate today our ugly sisters implement tomorrow.

S. W. Kirkham Chairman, Shard End Ward Liberal Association, Bromford Bridge, Birmingham