22 JULY 1882, Page 14



Sin,—It is a matter of regret to me that I was not informed of the existence of a window commemorating Gray in the College hall at Peterhouse. In future copies of my monograph, this injustice shall be rectified, and due mention be made of Mr. A. H. Hunt's gift.

The insertion of this window was a very graceful act on the part of Peterhouse, a College from which no particular honour to Gray is due, except by courtesy. When I wrote the para- graph to which Mr. A. W. Ward objects, I was rather thinking of the neglect of Gray's memory shown in that College which is most closely connected with his name. It does not seem to me to be creditable that a very large building fund, first set in motion by Gray's friends in his special and sole honour, should have been entirely spent in adding to the physical comfort of the inmates of the College, without the smallest fraction of the money being retained for a statue, bust, or even medal- lion of the poet. If I am wrong, and if the authorities of Pembroke College have applied any small per-centage of the Gray Building Fund to a work of art commemorating the man in whose name that fund was raised, I shall be only too glad to hear it, and to withdraw my complaint.—I am, Sir, &c.,