22 JULY 1882, Page 15



Polchra, prudens, et illustris, Jam duobus Agnes lustris Addebat triennium Proles amat hang Prnfecti, Bed ad ejus virgo flecti Respuit arbitrium.

Mira vis Mira virginitas, Mira virginei Cordis integritas.

Sic Doi Filius, Nutu mirabili, So mirabilius Prodit in fragili.

Languet amens, cabal: loot° : Languor notus fib Proofed°, Maturat romedia.

-Offert multi, spondet plura Periturus peritura, Bed vilescunt °Maki.

Nndam prostitnit Proeses flagitiis; Quam Christus induit Comarum Ombriis, Stolaque cmlesti. !Cmlestis nuncios Assiatit propius; Cella libidinis Fit locus Inminis; Turbantur inoesti.

Crocus amens indignatur, Et irrumpens prtefocatur To life's strife, our heart renewing, Lot us gird ourselves, reviewing

How the Maid the victory. won. [ohms, Flower divine ! whose Scents moat pro- As we touch its leaves, refresh us Till the battle fray is done.

Fair and wise and well descended, Agnes, twice six summers ended, Entered on her thirteenth year. Her the Priefect's son beholding Seeks, a tale of love unfolding, Which Christ's bride disdains to hoar.

Wonderful power of faith, Wonderful chastity, Wonderful heart beneath Maidenly constancy.

So cloth the mighty Lord, By his most wondrous will, Strength to the weak accord, And with Himself fulfil.

Sick and sad the baffled lover Lies: the Prrefeet's eyes discover Whence his pain: the maid is brought ; Vain the gifts the vain man proffers, Vile are all his richest offers, In the faithful virgin's thought.

Disrobed, to infamous Dwelling of sin conveyed, Christ in a marvellous Growth of hair folds the maid, And a robe of Heaven ; When there is seen by her An angel messenger, And the vile cellar'a night Turns to the brightest light : Thence the lewd are driven.

Blind with rage the lover fumeth, And is, whon he thither cometh, A malign() spiral'. Luget pater, lugent ouneti : Roma flevit pro defuncti Juvonis interitu.

Suscitatur ab Agnote, Turba fremit iudiserete: Rogum parent virgini. Rogus ardens retie unit, In furontes flamma furit, Dans honorem Numini.

Grates ageus Sal vntori, Guttur offert hate liotori, Nec ad horam timet mori, Poritatis conscin.

Agnes, Agni salutaris Stens ad dextram gloriaris, Et parentes consolaris, Invitane ad gaudia.

No to fleront ut defunctam Jam conlesti sponse junotarn: His sub agni forma suam Revelavit, atque tuam Virginalem gloriam. Nos ab Agno saluted Non permitte separari, Cui to totem consecranti: Cujus ope to curasti Nobilem Constantiam.* Vas electum, vas honorls, lneorrupti flos odoris, Augelorum grata choris, Houestatis at putioris Formam priehes seiculo. Palma fruens triumph ell, Fiore vernans virgivali, Nos, indignos speciali, Fao Sanetorum generali Vel subsoribi titulo. Choked by a malignant fiend. Mourns the father : sorrowing for him, All in Rome with tears deplore him Who, so young, meets such an cud.

Agnes prays, and he reviveth,

Which the crowd to such wrath driveth That the pile for her they fire; Sho untouched, the flame outleaping Slays her foes, the Highest reaping Glory from their furlong ire.

Then her Saviour's power confessing, Death no dread for her possessing, To the lictor's axe with blessing Bows her head, Christ's unstained bride. Lamb-like maid, in thy bright station By the Lamb, who brought Salvation, Thou, thy parents' desolation Soothing, last them to thy side.

And lest they should mourn as perished Thee, His bride so dearly cherished, He, by vision, revelation Gave them of thy exaltation, With his virgin glory crowned. Pray for us; permit us never

From his faith and love to sever, Whose thou wort iu full possession, From whom, through thy intercession, Noble Constatioo healing found.

Vessel choice, of fame transcending, Flower of sweetness never ending, Thee, the Angel choirs commending, Hymn ; for truth and pureness, blending, Show the world their typo in thee. Than, who victory's palm art bearing, And the virgin's crown art wearing, Yet, for us, unworthy, caring, Send us help, some place preparing For us in Eternity.